Feel confident, prepared & EMPOWERED
before going into your new role as a Mama. 
The Prepared Mama Program
We know that life is busy. Which is why we want you to learn on your own pace. That way you can go as fast as you need to go or take your time. However you prefer to learn, you will have the content from the program for a lifetime! Now you can implement what you've learn when baby arrives and onward.
Learn at you own pace, and on your own schedule
Just like any other occupation or sport, they train before. They train and practice to gain experience and knowledge. Motherhood is just the same. You wouldn't jump into a new role without learning what you need to do and how to do it... 

The Prepared Mama Program will give you the BEST training and knowledge you will need ahead of time
That’s where we come in
  • Soothe an inconsolable baby
  • Troubleshoot obstacles with breastfeeding
  • Determine the best formula for your baby
  • Properly formula feed
  • Responsive feeding
  • Symptoms and causes of colic or reflux
  • Relieve baby of constipation
  • Normal baby poops
  • Nourishing and healing yourself in the Fourth Trimester
  • Build a postpartum village
No I'm not talking about getting the baby room ready, buying and washing all of those cute little onesies or getting the best rated stroller on Amazon...

I'm talking about knowing how to
There are so many things you need to know and have ready before your baby comes!!
You deserve to have that unlimited support at your fingertips!
 ✔️ Unlimited support
✔️ Answers to your Postpartum questions
✔️ 17 lesson packed with MUST need information about caring, nourishing and understanding a newborn baby
✔️ Multiple action tasks in each lesson you can implement
✔️ A FREE support group
✔️ Course taught by a Certified Nutritional Practitioner and Pediatric Nutrition and Feeding Specialist
✔️ Learn how to be a kick ass Mom with tools that most Mothers don’t know about
✔️ Gain confidence as a new Mom
✔️ Reduce stress and anxiety with becoming a new Mom
✔️ Know how to understand your new baby
✔️ Learn how to nourish yourself and baby
✔️ Holistic health for both your baby and you
✔️ Education, knowledge and secrets you won't get from other Prenatal or Preparation Courses!
✔️ Lifetime access
✔️ Plus much, much more!
The Prepared Mama Program Includes:
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The Prepared Mama Program
If we haven't met yet, I'm Marissa Kirou

A Mama, Certified Nutritional Practitioner and Pediatric Feeding and Nutrition Specialist. My mission is to help new Moms overcome their fear and anxiety of their transition into Motherhood so they can feel confident in their abilities and KNOW they can do it!

As a new Mom I struggled with so many things. I assumed becoming a Mother was natural which made it easy. I was far from right. There were so many unexpected bumps and turns in the beginning of my journey. I struggled with breastfeeding, the formula my son was using was causing him so much pain and discomfort and I had no clue what to do or where to even look for help. I felt like a complete failure as a Mother. 

Now my goal is to educate new Mamas before their baby comes so they know exactly how to overcome those struggles that so many new Moms face.

I'm looking forward to supporting you in your journey! See you in The Prepared Mama Program!
What feeding method are you choosing? Breastfeeding? Pumping? Formula?
What do you know about your feeding method? Do you know the ESSENTIAL keys for success with that feeding method?
If you are considering formula feeding, do you know how to properly bottle feed? Ingredients in formula? Choosing the best formula?
Do you know how to speak “babe-lish”? The native language of newborns/ infants?
Who is apart of your postpartum village? 
How you plan on healing postpartum?
Do you have any specific healing methods you want to incorporate in your 4th trimester?

Can you answer these questions?
If you can't answer all of these questions or even any. Or if you're sitting there thinking WTF? That's totally okay! By the time you finish The Prepared Mama Program, you will have ALL the answers to these questions!
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